Let's talk about what to expect!




I’m so excited to be a part of this journey with you!


This guide will help prepare you for your newborn session, so we can focus on what matters most - family!


It’s true what they say...“They grow up so fast”


I know what it’s like to look back on their first few years and feel like they flew by. As your photographer, I’m here to help you preserve all those tiny details, so you never forget what their little fingers and toes looked like.


With over 20 years of experience in the photography industry, I aim to create a beautiful experience with portraits you will cherish for a lifetime.


I am proud to be nationally accredited & an award winning Newborn

Photographer. I have also been trained in newborn safety by one of the leading baby safety experts in the industry.


I can’t wait to create beautiful memories for your family!

Relax and Enjoy!

If this is your firstborn, everything is new for you. If you have toddlers running around, you’ll be worried about them not behaving for the session or your


newborn won’t settle etc. So before we get into what to expect. I’m going to be very real with you and tell you these are just a few things to put you a little more at ease:


1: Don't stress out!

2: S#!t will happen! (usually on me)

3: Crying siblings and fussy babies are normal

4: You will likely be late and that’s ok - See #1


​I am prepared for all of this and more.


With over 500 newborn sessions captured, I am sort of a baby whisperer and have developed soothing techniques for even the fussiest of newborns.


Plan on Packing

Your Normal Diaper Bag
Special Props
Anything bottle or nursing related times
Your Outfits for Family Portraits - Wardrobes Pinterest Suggestions. These are perfect for both Outdoor and Studio

What Should I Wear

First and foremost, mom should wear something that makes her feel beautiful and comfortable. The best advice is to keep it simple and classic.


I recommend first deciding if you want a light or dark palette. Light-colored shirts in creams, light grays, and pastels. If you are more suited to a darker palette, consider charcoal, blacks and or de-saturated tones.


Wearing a simple, solid-colored shirt or flowy dress is a preferred option. Shirts should be a long or 3/4 sleeve. A flowy or textured fabric is a flattering option that adds a feminine touch.


Partners should choose solid-colored shirts or with a subtle pattern, short or long sleeve that coordinate with mom’s outfit. Avoid heavy knit sweaters, bold patterns and large logos.


Choose comfortable clothing for younger children. Dresses on toddlers can ride up or be difficult to pose in (fine on older siblings).

Still unsure? let me know. I’m here to help you along each step of the way!

Hair & Make UP

Hair and Make up is highly recommended so you look and feel your best. Since your session can take 3 hours, it can be arranged for a local make up artist to come directly to the studio for application. This can all be done while I begin with artistic images of your newborn. Additional fee will apply.


The studio does have straightening & curling irons that you are welcome to use if you would like to prepare yourself here at the studio.


What's best for photos? Soft curls are my favourite. They give body and movement and the lights just shine so nicely off them.


​Your baby may eat a little more than usual during your session. When babies wake up, their first thought is often, "Oh! I'm awake, so it must be time to eat!" Don't stress! Newborn photos take lots of patience and time, which is why we schedule extra time for newborn sessions.
Remember: A full baby is a happy baby! And a happy baby makes for beautiful photos!


If you are breastfeeding, everything you eat goes to your milk, thus to your baby. Babies’ stomachs get upset really easily, so watching your diet for a few days before your session is important. Avoid eating spicy food, along with these others:
– Vegetables and Legumes: Broccoli, garlic, tomato, artichoke, cabbage, beans.
For Ex: Please avoid a big bowl of chili ..lets just say I've experienced it all here in the studio lol!


Toddlers can be tricky but I have a few tactics I like to put into place so they can be best prepared.
1. No phones2. No candy3. No toy store promises

Most of the time toddlers are known for better listening to strangers than their own parents. From the beginning of the session, I will slowly interact with older siblings, so when we are ready for photos they have had time to settle in and know who I am.


Phones & Tablets: In my many years working with small children I have learned that if the cell phones come out....We've lost control of the situation.


I know your child may love the newest video that makes them smile or dance when played, but I can 100% guarantee that they will NOT smile, they will reach for it, and then throw a tantrum when they don't get it.


If you do bring a tablet/Phone, I ask that it is not brought out until your children are done with photos (this is all depending on your child's age of course).

Some children need time to warm up to new situations and some children only have a short window from the moment they arrive. I aim to get genuine smiles, laughs and snuggles. I have a great record of capturing those beautiful sibling portraits with a lot of patience and a few little tricks up my sleeve.

The studio has colouring & picture books as well as a TV that can stream shows to pass the time.


Will I bribe your Child? . . . Yes!

Treats/bribes - Feel free to bring some bribing treats. I do carry some here at the studio as well. I do my best to work with your child without the mention of any bribes, but sometimes Ya gotta do, whatcha gotta do to get that cooperation!


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